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3 Kitchen Utensils You Simply Cannot Live Without

The modern kitchen is nothing less than a place where creativity and imagination abound. While you may be tied to following the recipe at any given time, flashes of ingenuity, no matter how small, can occur from time to time. Such moments of culinary brilliance call it a stroke of luck can be best carried out if you have the correct tools for the job. This means you have the correct kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances, and food utensils to whip up a culinary masterpiece. But seriously, what kitchen items can you not live without?

Sharpening Stone
While kitchens will always have knives of varying sizes, functionalities, purposes, and construction, all of these will be useless without a whetstone or anything that can sharpen the edges of knives. While you can always bring them to your favorite tool shop to be sharpened, it pays to have a sharpening stone or tool in hand in your kitchen. You can choose among diamond stones, oil stones, and water stones which can also be great not only for sharpening your knife set but also for other kitchen utensils that need sharpening, like your trusty kitchen shears.

Box Grater
Sure a microplane is perfect for a lot of different applications, but nothing can compare to the versatility and functionality of a box cheese grater . It can serve as a cheese grater, a vegetable shredder, a fruit slicer, and even a course nut grinder. The convenience of the box grater is unparalleled especially when you need to create delectable and rich tasting soups consomm├ęs, bouillabaisses, and gumbos as well as other soup-based dishes that will require finely grated or shredded ingredients. Think of creating your own Neapolitan pizza? The slicing hole of a box grater will be perfect for making those beautifully cut thin slices of cheese then topped with mozzarella, either shredded or thinly sliced.

Kitchen Thermometers
While sticking a piece of toothpick onto your pastry will give you an idea if it is already baked through or not yet, you cannot poke a wooden toothpick into a slab of meat so you can say it is already cooked through and through. A meat thermometer is thus very important for every modern home, lest your Thanksgiving Day turkey or roast beef will be crispy on the outside yet raw and bloody on the inside. Oven thermometers will be indispensable when you are on a baking mission. A thermometer that is specifically designed for refrigerators will ensure that the fridge temperature is kept below 40oF, otherwise you have bacteria all over your food.

These are the three kitchen items that all professional chefs all over the world cannot live without. Dont you think its about time you have these in your kitchen, too?


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