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A Waffle Machine For Your Kitchen

A fairly recent addition to small appliances designed for use in the family kitchen is the modern version of the waffle maker. This machine consists of two metal plates that come together, with a flavored batter residing inside, which are then heated until the fully baked 'waffle' is extracted for eating. This technology is many hundreds of years old and probably originated in Belgium in Europe.

The modern waffle maker machine consists of two cast iron plates, often with non-stick surfaces, pivoted together within a stainless steel housing. The cast iron plates are designed with a mirror image of criss-cross patten with indentations that, when the plates come together, they form cavities which can then contain the waffle batter. The plates are mainly electrically heated and all waffle makers feature basic controls for switching on and off, and controlling the baking temporatures etc.

The best waffle maker machines must produce a perfectly cooked, hot waffle that has a fluffy texture and is not burnt. It must be sturdy for every day family use, yet of a size and weight that allows it to be stored easily in your own kitchen, which may have limited storage space available. Some of the best ones are designed to be show pieces and look sleek and beautiful in any kitchen decor. A typical example of the modern waffle maker is described in this video:

When considering what type of machine to easily make waffles you and your family like to have, you should first decide if waffle making is the only requirement for the product. There are some other appliances that are really intended for other things but can in fact make waffles as well. However you will not have as much control of the end result as you would get from a dedicated waffle maker.

Dedicated waffle maker machines come with a wide variety of plate shapes, which offer square, rectangle, round or heart shaped waffles, not to mention Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty! Additionally the thickness of the completed waffle varies from machine to machine.

Each machine comes with at least basic controls for on/off, temperature and timer. Budget range waffle makers may have manual or mechanical switches and timers and simple 'lamp' power indicators. As the range progresses towards premium machines, and the cost increases, the use of digital technology increases and machines start to feature more complex monitoring and control features and digital displays that give every bit of information needed to produce the perfect waffle every time, easily.

The taste for finished waffles is very personal and top end machines even allow 'browning control' so that everyone can stipulate not only how fast a waffle should be baked and at what exact temperature, but also how brown it should be at the end of the process. Now that's a perfect waffle.

The internet is a good place to start searching for your new waffle making machine, with sites such as and large stores offering a wide range from most manufacturers. At those websites you will also see feedback from previous customers to help you decide on which model to choose.

Before buying on the internet however, it is always worth going to your local hardware store or supermarket to look at the model you have chosen and to see first-hand how easy (or not) it fits into your plans for the perfect waffle maker.

For more information on the best waffle machines currently available, you may wish to visit


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